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Personal Profile Analysis - English

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Ссылка для прохождения тестирования придет Вам в течение 1 рабочего дня после оплаты. Обратите внимание, если Вы оплатили тестирование в выходной день, то ссылка на тест Вам придет в понедельник. / You will get a link for passing the test within 1 business day after payment.

(!) PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a letter with a link to the test within 1 working day after payment.

A tool for assessing the personality in a changing environment that helps to identify the characteristics of behavior at work and the preferred working environment, strengths and development zones, factors of internal motivation, the potential for further growth, and much more.

Test language — English.
Results language — English.

If you would like to pass the test and receive results in Russian, please order Russian version with the following link: https://robo.market/offer/3939070

To know more about the test feel free to contact us:
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